Our Story

We began our company when our founder had trouble losing weight after the birth of her son. Relying on a bathroom scale didn’t help guide her efforts and tracking devices only counted steps and heartbeats. She wanted to know three things that would help her burn off the fat quickly:

  1. What kind of exercise accelerates fat burning?
  2. How long should she exercise to burn fat?
  3. What intensity level is best for fat burning

She decided to use her background in nanotechnology materials fabrication to create a sensor that could track her own body’s metabolism. She lost the weight and in the process created iNose!



We created the world’s fastest macro-mesostructured nanomaterial synthesis platform to develop new advanced materials that can be integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to track specific body compounds.

This patented nano-synthesis and screening breakthrough allows iNose to detect and track your individual metabolic rate so you can accurately know when and how much body-fat you are burning.

Your skin gives off tiny amounts of a chemical called Esters. These esters can be detected, tracked and analyzed to provide an accurate and reliable reading of your body’s metabolism, and fat-burning rate. iNose graphs this data on your smartphone so you can easily see when and how much fat you are burning when you’re exercising, and when you’re not.


Our Vision

We specialize in the development of wearable, intelligent, nanotech based healthcare and medical devices designed to be accurate, simple to use and affordable for people and their pets. iNose allows people to lose weight, keep the weight off, and to live happier and more satisfied.



           nao                                                                  ruoting

                    Dr. Xiaonao Liu, CEO & Founder                                Dr. Ruoting Yang, Co-Founder

Dr. Xiaonao Liu is a former nanomaterial fabrication specialist at California Institute of Technology and a research assistant professor at Zhejiang University in China.  She has more than 15 years research and hand-on experience in the nanomaterial science and printing engineering, and developed the industrialize high-throughput nanomaterial synthesis platform.

Dr. Ruoting Yang is an expert in biomarker research and artificial intelligence. He has more than 15 years of research experience in applying artificial intelligence to identify molecular biomarker from complex diseases.


yifeng                                        ky                                              zh

Dr. Yifeng Shi                                                               Kellyann Sykora                                                              Dr. Zhonghua Zhu
Senior Material Scientist                                 Exercise Physiology Consultant                                       Engineering Manager