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Experts in Nano/bio-materials Inkjet Fabrication

Custom designed inkjet fabrication system

Unique customized inkjet printer
Optimized functional nano/bio inks
1 million combinations/assays per hour

Automatic controlled system

High precision, excellent reproducibility and uniformity

Wide applications

Multi-component nanomaterials
Disease diagnostic panels

Customized Inkjet Fabrication Instrument

* Uniform and precise mixture of up to 11 Nano/Bio-inks

* Replaceable printhead for satisfy Nano/Bio-ink requirements

* Various printing substrates (glass, paper, plastic, cloth and steel)

* Unprecedented high-throughput fabrication speed
(1 million combinations/hour)

* High speed camera monitoring system

Nano/Bio-functional Inks

* Nano-ink formulations developed for ~30 elements

* Bio-inks made for disease diagnosis



NanoBioFAB LLC is a minority women-owned nano-tech healthcare company. NanoBioFab dedicate on providing solutions for high-throughput new advanced material fabrication and screening for various applications, especially in Gas Sensor Materials Genome research. Nanobiofab specializes in development of wearable nano-based healthcare and medical device for human and animal health monitoring.




We specialize in the development of wearable, intelligent, nanotech based healthcare and medical devices designed to be accurate, simple to use and affordable for people and their pets. iNose allows people to lose weight, keep the weight off, and to live happier and more satisfied.


2008 Developed World’s fastest meso-structured nanomaterial synthesis platform

2016 Developed World’s fastest macro/-mesotructured nanomaterial synthesis platform for R & D of new advanced materials for catalysis, sensors, thermal management

2017 Awarded TEDCO RBII Grant, develop Body metabolic tracker

2018 Awarded TEDCO Pre-seed Fund

2018 First Place in the 2018 US Eastern Entrepreneurship Contest