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On Sunday April 8th 2018, Dr. Xiaonao Liu was awarded first place in the US Eastern Entrepreneurship Contest, hosted by the Center for US-China Technology, Innovation, and Development. This contest which took place in our nation’s capital, Washington DC, is an annual competition for all Entrepreneurs in the Eastern United States who either focus on technology transfer between China and the United States, or who themselves originate from the People’s Republic of China.

Dr. Liu faced stiff competition including 11 startup companies from various higher educational institutions such as Harvard University, Carnegie Mellon University, and John’s Hopkins University. A few of these teams are already well established and have significant series-A investment. The second and third place companies had each won an iteration of the competition in previous years. Dr. Liu faced some of the finest entrepreneurs the United States has to offer, signifying the importance of this victory for Dr. Liu and NanoBioFab.

Dr. Liu had this to say when asked what winning this competition meant to her: “NanoBiofab used its patented nanotechnology to develop a smart wearable fat burning tracker iNose. iNose has unique nanosensors that detect minute molecules emitted from the skin in the process of lipid metabolism, thus giving a real-time accurate measure of fat consumption. iNose is able to provide personalized guidance of effective exercise and healthy diet for professionals and the people pursuing a healthy lifestyle. We were ecstatic to receive this award on Sunday night! This accomplishment really validates the time and effort we at NanoBioFab have put into developing our product into a successful company. We are excited to see what the future holds and looking forward to the next step! We sincerely appreciate the generous support from FICIT and TEDCO RBII grant.”

The Frederick Innovative Technology Center has been proud to host and advise NanoBiofab as Dr. Xiaonao Liu and her team work to improve their technology every day. We have seen extraordinary progress throughout their time in our facility. Dr. Liu is a stand-out within our advisory teams, and an exemplary member of our FITCI family.

Kathie Callahan-Brady, CEO of FITCI and one of Dr. Liu’s advisors says, “We are extraordinarily proud of Dr. Liu’s incredible achievement in this competition. She is the most hard-working and deserving person of such an award. I could not be more excited for what the future holds for both Dr. Liu and her company, NanoBioFab inc.”
Dr. Liu took this victory in stride and true to her entrepreneurial spirit, returned to her laboratory the very next morning to continue working on developing her technology and business.