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How It Works

  • Accurate Real-Time Data

Real Time Data

Our patented Nanotechnology platform allows iNose to detect, track and monitor your body’s own skin vapor-print. Your personal vapor-print measures your metabolism so you can create a custom exercise diet plan that allows you to effectively burn body-fat in the most efficient manner possible.


  • Wearable Nanotechnology


iNose is so tiny that it can be worn almost anywhere. Now you can choose from wearing iNose on your shirt, shoes, ring, sports bra or clip-on. No more bulky devices or additional wristbands to worry about. Nanotech connects wirelessly with your smartphone so you can track your fat burning rate at any time or check your results later.


  • Exercise & Diet Guidance

Diet & Fitness

iNose allows you to see your fat-burning rate in real-time so you can decide if you want to increase or decrease your physical activity or change your selection of exercise at any time. You can easily see the impact of your food choices over time and track your metabolic rate throughout the day.