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Experts in Nano/bio-materials Inkjet Fabrication

Custom designed inkjet fabrication system

Unique customized inkjet printer
Optimized functional nano/bio inks
1 million combinations/assays per hour

Automatic controlled system

High precision, excellent reproducibility and uniformity

Wide applications

Multi-component nanomaterials
Disease diagnostic panels

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Customized Inkjet Fabrication Instrument

* Uniform and precise mixture of up to 11 Nano/Bio-inks

* Replaceable printhead for satisfy Nano/Bio-ink requirements

* Various printing substrates (glass, paper, plastic, cloth and steel)

* Unprecedented high-throughput fabrication speed
(1 million combinations/hour)

* High speed camera monitoring system

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Nano/Bio-functional Inks

* Nano-ink formulations developed for ~30 elements

* Bio-inks made for disease diagnosis




Our Company

Nanobiofab provides access to state-of-the-art customized inkjet printing techniques for the fabrication of nano-materials and bio-products.

• Our team has extensive experiences in designing, constructing, and implementing high-throughput multi-component nanomaterials inkjet fabrication.

• Our nanobio inkjet fabrication technology facilitates designing and manufacturing disease diagnostic panels.